If you think you know what unusual people look like, you know nothing! Just imagine yourself finding out that your fiancée has not two, but four legs right on the wedding night, and the next morning she’s like! And It’s not a prank with gum in hair! Today we’re going to show you 20 most unusual people with the most amazing stories. ➡

EXINNO 240W /120W : Real-time wattage display


1) The world’s highest output USB charger

2) The world’s smallest charger at 240W

3) The world’s first 6-port USB with real-time wattage display

4) The world’s first all fast charging 6-port USB charger

5) The world’s first USB charger supporting QC 5

6) The world’s first USB charger supporting all fast charge protocol

7)The world’s frist 6-port fast charge simultaneously

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