22 Year Old Ditched College to Make $1M+ Online with ClickBank – Affiliate Marketing Success 2023

Francisco Valenzuela was on the traditional path of earning a college degree in hopes of entering the workforce afterwards. However, once he found affiliate marketing with ClickBank his whole life would change forever…

Growing up and living and Chile, Francisco didn’t see as many economic opportunities that he would have liked. He knew he wanted something more, but wasn’t sure what that was at first. When the pandemic hit the world, Francisco created a concrete gym business to make some extra cash. Once he found out about affiliate marketing on ClickBank, he used the money he made from his physical business to fuel his online business. And before you knew it, Francisco hit his first $1K a day in sales and soon thereafter achieved ClickBank Platinum status.

Francisco attributes his success to staying hyper focused, prioritizing his business over life’s pleasures, specializing in one area of affiliate marketing, and real-life connections that he made through networking.

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