Life is so unpredictable: one day 👿 we’re saving a poor helpless animal, and the next, someone is saving our life! Every minute, hundreds of good deeds happen around the world 😳 and today we’re going to show you the most incredible Random Acts Of Kindness ever Caught on Camera! ➡

Norby’s World: The First Personalized Education App for Kids

ABOUT NORBY’S WORLD 📚 🎮 Our team of passionate educators, parents, and engineers have unlocked the key to improving reading skills by building the world’s first personalized education app for kids. The app combines: 1) A dynamic curriculum that adapts to your child’s interests 2) Speech recognition allowing kids to practice reading out loud 3) A fun and safe virtual environment where kids can interact with each other Instead of simply gamifying educational material, Norby’s World is built from the ground up with personalization and engagement at its core.

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