Might Change the Marketing Game – How Does it Work? Might Change the Marketing Game – How Does it Work?

✌🏼Hey there fellow lovers! Today we wanted to show you what is all the hype about since only in 4-5 months it reached over 20,000 active users within 44 countries and growing quite quickly.
➡️ Input your logo, input the description of your product and audience, and then watch AdCreative do 90% of the work for you.
This tool is the future of marketing– it saves time, money, and helps you test to find the best performing ad you can create.

In this video, I walk you through the process of using and show you how it all works.
➡️ After watching how easy it is you will want to hop over to, get the free trial and start creating top-quality ads yourself.

Watch the video to see all the features and benefits of using this service (and how to use it)!

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📢 Welcome to the official channel of Ad Creative AI! 📈

We have created a service that saves you MONTHS of your time and money that you would have otherwise spent creating ad creatives. This is because we built a system that analyzes millions of references related to your product and audience… and auto-creates top quality ads that convert.
➡️ This means that our service does 90% of the work FOR YOU! has multiple features– such as a feature that analyzes your product description and auto-writes text for the ad (which you can edit after), and access to 15 million free images for enhancing your ad creatives… and many more features.

All of this means that you can create HUNDREDS of ad creatives in less than 15 minutes, all of them ready for testing. When you think of all the time and money you save (and how far ahead you will be of people who are still doing it “the slow way”), you truly see how is the future of advertising.
➡️ Creating the ads is the first step to marketing success, but this channel ALSO teaches you the next steps in marketing, such as how to set up your Facebook Dynamic Ads and/or Google Performance Max Campaigns. We listen to what the people want and are prepared to answer all the questions you need in order to create successful marketing campaigns.

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We are global partners with Google and as a celebration of our partnership, Google is giving promotional credit to spend on your next Ad campaigns, up to the value of $500 when you also spend up to $500!
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