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We here at ClickBank have put together a comprehensive ranking of our best dating offers to promote in 2023. We reveal the highest-converting ad best-selling dating products, along with key metrics like commission rates, average payout values (APV), earnings per click (EPC), and other numbers you need to pick a winner to promote.

If you’re new to this space, or even a brand-new affiliate marketer, you might be wondering if the dating sphere is worth diving into. Well, the rule of thumb is to get involved in one of the “Big 3” niches that will always be in demand: health, wealth, and relationships.

So, that makes all things love, dating, and casual encounters a solid opportunity, particularly if you’ve had experience and success in some aspect of dating and relationships.

If you choose a relationship, dating, or self-help product from this list, ClickBank has already verified it as a high performer – with actual data to prove it! People are yearning for affection, commitment, and love as the world appears colder and more siloed each day.

It is crucial to remember that knowing your audience is essential for success. Use social listening techniques to determine whether there is a demand for these resources in your community. You will be able to achieve a high amount of conversions and sales if you position these offerings as something you firmly believe in.

The dating programs on ClickBank are top-notch, and we hope this list has given you ideas for your next campaign. And if these options weren’t for you, that’s okay too!

Enjoy these top ClickBank dating offers to promote in 2023, and happy scaling!

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