ClickBank Platinum Program WORTH IT? 20-Year ClickBank Veteran Reveals Why.

20-Year ClickBank veteran Joel Peterson shares his experience with the ClickBank Platinum Program and why you should strive to join this prestigious ClickBank community.

Do you have what it takes to become the next ClickBank Platinum? The ClickBank Platinum Program rewards the most successful businesses on ClickBank.

To qualify for the Platinum program, you need to generate $250K in gross sales on ClickBank in a calendar year. Sales as a seller, affiliate, or joint venture partner all contribute to the gross sales amount.

ClickBank grants Platinum status to clients as they hit the $250K sales threshold, so don’t worry if you didn’t make it last year. We’ll be happy to welcome you to the program as soon as you reach the $250k threshold in the current calendar year.

As a Platinum client, you get the red carpet treatment. Our Platinum clients have already proven themselves, so we’re happy to provide extra support for everything from new product launches to massive affiliate campaigns.

What does our priority support look like?

• Expedited approvals
• Twice-weekly payments
• Personalized attention
• Partnership opportunities with ClickBank

You’ll get all the priority help you need to make your next business venture on ClickBank a huge success!

As a Platinum client, you’ll receive your own custom-printed 6 lb Platinum award to commemorate your success and cement your place in ClickBank’s top 1%.

Even better, you’ll be able to share your newfound Platinum status with the world. ClickBank Platinums are respected and admired throughout our industry.

There are more than 400 Platinum clients on ClickBank, counting both sellers and affiliates. Will YOU be one of them?

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