ClickBank Summit 2023 Live Event: Discover How to Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing (Day 2)

ClickBank Summit is a FREE two-day virtual event designed to teach you everything you need to know to leverage affiliate marketing to successfully make money online.

Over the course of info-packed presentations and actionable sessions with expert marketers, you’ll learn how affiliate marketing works, how ClickBank fits in, and how to solve the most common hurdle facing new affiliates today: reaching the right customers.

On day one, we’ll cover the foundational tools, tactics and tech you need to get started with affiliate marketing. On day two, we’ll dig deeper into how to build high-quality traffic that converts.

Day One: Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

10:00 AM — Summit Kickoff – Chris Ullery
Learn how to navigate your event site, how to access all your learning resources, all about the event networking opportunities, and how to get the absolute most out of ClickBank Summit 2023.

10:30 AM — How Affiliate Marketing Works – Taylor Utt
What is affiliate marketing, and how are people just like you using it to successfully make money in 2023? Sr. Director of Content and ClickBank veteran Taylor Utt breaks down how it works, how ClickBank fits in, and how YOU can use affiliate marketing to earn money by promoting offers online.

11:30 AM — ClickBank Client Story: “ClickBank Has Changed My Life” – Izabela Fukano & Chris Ullery
Ever wondered what a day in the life of an affiliate marketer looks like? Or what it really takes to scale from zero sales to five, six, or more figures? Learn these answers and more in this exclusive interview with successful ClickBank affiliate, Izabela Fukano.

12:30 PM — How to Avoid the Top 7 Pitfalls While Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing – Kyle Meredith
Kyle Meredith, ClickBank Business Development Manager, has compiled a list of top mistakes that new affiliates make, and expert insights on how to avoid them.

1:45 PM — How to Use the ClickBank Platform for Success, Beginner’s Edition – Isaac Kevelson
Isaac Kevelson pulls back the curtains on how he uses the ClickBank offer marketplace, tracking links, reporting tools, and more to maintain growth and scale across his paid advertising efforts.

2:45 PM — ClickBank Platform Features for Growth, Intermediate Edition – Anna Steward
Join expert Affiliate Manager Anna Steward for this insider’s tour of ClickBank features and key metrics. Anna shares how some of her top clients use ClickBank tools and resources to scale past side hustle-level earnings and reach Platinum level sales over $250k/year.

3:45 PM — Fireside Chat with Chris Ullery & Ed Scow, ClickBank Diamond Client
Ed Scow is one of the top list managers in the direct response industry, responsible for one of the largest portfolios of successful email lists in the world. This is your chance to learn directly from one of the brightest minds in affiliate marketing, for free, with no filter, no filler, and nothing held back.

4:45 PM — Closing Remarks – Chris Ullery

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