ClickBank Summit 2023 Live Event: Discover How to Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing (Day 2)

ClickBank Summit is a FREE two-day virtual event designed to teach you everything you need to know to unlock affiliate marketing and successfully make money online.

Over the course of info-packed presentations and actionable sessions with expert marketers, you’ll learn how affiliate marketing works, how ClickBank fits in, and how to solve the most common hurdle facing new affiliates today: reaching the right customers.

On day one, we’ll cover the foundational tools, tactics and tech you need to get started with affiliate marketing. On day two, we’ll dig deeper into how to build high-quality traffic that

Day Two: All About Traffic

10:00 AM — Day Two Kickoff – Chris Ullery
Summit host Chris Ullery will recap key insights from day one, set the stage for day two’s lineup of presenters, and touch on core concepts you need to get the absolute most out of ClickBank Summit.

10:30 AM — Funnel and Copy Workshop – Kyle Kostechka
Learn the tools and tactics you need to create a successful affiliate marketing funnel, complete with copy that drives clicks and ultimately converts, directly from ClickBank expert and Sr. Business Development Manager, Kyle Kostechka.

11:30 AM — Pre-Traffic: What to Do BEFORE You Spend $1 or 1 Minute Writing Copy – Spencer Matthews
This is a can’t miss presentation if you want to set yourself up for success before investing too much time or money into any given campaign.

12:30 PM — 5 Essential Email Campaigns to Boost Your Sales – Marc Gaudett
Batch and blast is losing effectiveness; automation is the modern key to success. In this presentation, you’ll learn the fundamental automated campaigns to transition your customers from prospects to repeat buyers to advocates.

1:45 PM — Paid Traffic Trends to Understand in 2023 and Beyond – Jake Newby
Dive deep into the tactics top media buyers are using to find success and run profitable campaigns at scale with ClickBank’s own Sr. Performance Marketing Manager, Jake Newby.

2:45 PM — AI-Tention Grabber: How To Generate Organic Traffic In An AI World – Paul Counts and Shreya Banerjee
Paul Counts and Shreya Banerjee have discovered the key to unlocking organic traffic in an AI world! Learn easy tips and tricks they use with their clients right now to generate organic reach increases by up to 253% in multiple niche markets. Plus, learn how to use AI WITHOUT getting banned by Google.

3:45 PM — Day Two Keynote with Taboola’s Andrey Kravchenko
Details coming soon!

4:45 PM — Summit Sendoff – Chris Ullery

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