High-Ticket Marketing Strategies From Running Billion-Dollar Brands

High-Ticket Marketing Strategies From Running Billion-Dollar Brands

Listen in as Thomas McMahon, ClickBank’s director of partnership development, briefly discusses optimizing your business, improving customer lifetime value, building sales teams, selling high ticket offers, and more with a guest unlike many.

You don’t often find someone like Rudy Mawer. He built four multi-million dollar businesses by the age of 30. He served as the CEO of Pier 1 and Tai Lopez Brands. He’s generated over $200 million in revenue for clients and his own brands. And he’s considered to be one of the world’s top Facebook ads and funnel experts. To put it mildly, he knows what he’s doing.



Rachel Pederson Course

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Rachel Pedersen is a social media strategist responsible for the content behind some of the biggest brands on TikTok. One of the brightest in the industry, she’s earned the nickname “Queen of Social Media.”

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