How This Supplement Brand Used Direct Response to Reach 7 Figures in 12 Months

ClickBank is an affiliate marketplace that empowers ecommerce brands and entrepreneurs to build, market, and scale their businesses online.

Take Lionheart Legacy Media, a ClickBank Platinum vendor ($250K+ revenue), for example. This fast-growing supplement company is primed and ready to reach ClickBank Diamond status ($5M+ revenue) in 2023. What started as a simple mall kiosk business has since grown into a hugely successful supplement business generating over 7 figures in 12 months, powered by the expert affiliate marketers on ClickBank.

With lots of hustle and a little help from ClickBank, Lionheart is generating massive sales across three different product lines. In fact, Lionheart has the distinction of the first ingestible CBD offer on ClickBank’s marketplace – and the team is aiming to have a top 10 offer on the marketplace this year.

Adam and Mark credit their success and growth to ClickBank’s amazing team, the relationships built at networking events and conferences, and good ole fashioned hard work and perseverance. Enjoy their incredible story!

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