How to Make a Landing Page for Affiliate Marketing | ClickBank Landing Page Tutorial 2023

In this tutorial, ClickBank’s Senior Director of Content, Taylor Utt, guides you through the process of creating a compelling landing page for your affiliate marketing campaigns.

In this over-the-shoulder walkthrough, Taylor covers the four key pieces of a high-converting landing page:

🎯 The Headline – How to grab attention and spark interest right off the bat.
🎯 The Image – How to use visuals to move visitors to take the next step.
🎯 The Body Copy – How to craft persuasive and engaging text that compels your visitors to stay.
🎯 The CTA Button – How to design a call to action that people can’t resist clicking.

Best of all, Taylor reveals all of these using ClickBank’s brand-new landing page builder, ClickBank Accelerator πŸš€. This game-changing tool takes the stress out of landing page creation, with pre-made templates based on your niche and traffic source.

If you’re an affiliate marketer ready to increase conversions, boost sales, and skyrocket your profits, this video is a MUST-WATCH. By the end, you’ll know how to create your own high-performing landing page or bridge page with a page builder like ClickBank Accelerator.

Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
0:22 What is a landing page?
2:32 Comparing landing pages to other types of pages
3:34 Building an affiliate marketing landing page
6:55 Adding copy to your landing page
11:08 Adding imagery to your landing page
12:14 Adding affiliate links to your landing page
15:58 Reviewing what’s on a landing page

Try ClickBank Accelerator:

Learn how to make landing pages with Accelerator:

View ClickBank’s landing page guide:

View ClickBank’s affiliate bridge page guide:

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