How to Maximize Your Time at Networking Events (ClickBank’s Platinum Summit)

ClickBank’s Platinum Summit is right around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited to talk all things events & networking, and specifically how to maximize your time at networking events like ClickBank’s Platinum Summit. ClickBank Platinum Summit is an exclusive event for top sellers and affiliates on ClickBank (those earning $250K or more on platform). This is a high-end mastermind taking place in an exotic location each year – this year, it’s Riveria Maya, Mexico!

Networking events and conferences are some of the most valuable assets to you and your business. The connections and relationships you build are everything, and there is no better spot to build these than at networking events. Join ClickBank hosts Thomas and Kyle as they dive into some key things to think about before, during, and after an event or conference AND the actions you need to take while at these events.

It doesn’t matter if you’re completely new to events and conferences or if you’re a veteran – these guys have got some stellar tips and tricks for everyone. Enjoy!

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