The BEST Digital Affiliate Marketing Products to Promote on ClickBank

If you’re a new, beginner affiliate looking for the best affiliate marketing offers to promote then we urge you to check out these digital affiliate marketing programs! Some of these digital affiliate offers have been around for years, and that’s because they are optimized for conversions on multiple traffic sources. While these may not offer as high payouts as the usual top ClickBank offers, they make up for that with their high EPCs (earnings per click) and hop conversion rates.

But we also want to emphasize that these digital affiliate marketing products are great for advanced affiliates as well. In fact, a lot of ClickBank’s top affiliates still promote these offers because they are reliable and consistently earn them high payouts.

Supplements and other physical products can be enticing to promote, but the competition for those can be intimidating. These digital offers are an amazing option for new affiliates and we can’t wait to see what you earn by promoting them!

A little history for you…

Did you know that ClickBank used to only offer digital products for sale (think ebooks, video courses, access to membership sites, etc.). But back in 2014, we started allowing physical products on platform – and the rest is history.

Digital affiliate marketing products are great for beginner affiliates because they offer high conversion rates, great earnings per click (EPC), and a decent payout. Some of the best digital affiliate offers can be promoted to a large audience as well, increasing your chances of conversions.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about ClickBank’s best digital affiliate products to promote, be sure to check out our blog post below!

ClickBank’s Top Digital Affiliate Marketing Offers –


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