Turning $8 a Year into MILLIONS with Affiliate Marketing ft. Peter Tzemis

Peter Tzemis made only $8 with affiliate marketing his first year. Then during his college years, he had an offer blow up that started making him 6 figures. But this was just the beginning. How did he do it? ClickBank host Kyle Kostecha sat down with Peter to answer just that and much more in today’s episode.

Recently Peter dove into the pet offer space due to his love for dogs, and specifically his golden doodle Zoey. One day, Zoey began to get sick and Peter couldn’t figure out why. After doing some digging and uncovering the nasty truth about a lot of pet products, Peter wanted to be the change. This led him to create Pup Labs, offering healthy supplements for pets.

Marketing blog: beatyourcontrol.com

Dog: puplabs.com

Mastermind: Supplementmillionaire.com

Peter’s Website – https://petertzemis.com/

Peter on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/peter-tzemis-04a1b790/?originalSubdomain=ca

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