WriterZen Review ❇️ Keyword Research & AI Copywriting Tool

WriterZen Review ❇️ Keyword Research & AI Copywriting Tool

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If you are looking for a decent keyword research tool that also includes an AI copywriting tool, then this WriterZen review is perfect for you! WriterZen is a brand new software that combines complex SEO practices and combines them in one easy-to-use toolset. The best part of it though is the training that goes with it.

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== Chapters ==
0:00 WriterZen review
0:35 What is WriterZen?
1:49 Features
2:23 Pricing
2:55 WriterZen Lifetime Deal
4:13 Dashboard
5:12 Pillar Post Structures
5:42 Keyword Topics
6:01 Topic Discovery
11:42 Keyword Explorer
12:45 Golden Filter
18:40 Keyword Clusters
22:04 Content Creator
30:16 AI Copywriting Tool
36:40 Honest WriterZen review

The team at WriterZen really put in some thought when they decided to create a training series inside of the platform. Instead of just showing you an SEO cheatsheet and giving you the tools to go through it, they’ve gone ahead and created a full SEO training explaining the types of article structures you should be building, how to find good keywords, how to build pillar posts and topic clusters, then they show you the best practices to create your article.

This WriterZen tutorial probably didn’t show the best example of how this tool works, however, I show you enough to get you started, and in the future, I’ll create a full blog post tutorial. I hope you enjoyed this WriterZen review, if you did make sure you hit the thumbs up button, and don’t forget to subscribe for more videos
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